Please pray for me all my bloging friends

I am going though a tuff time with a life problem so please pray right now

the joy of life


Seasonal Candles! ❄

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As you guys don’t know us properly yet, you wouldn’t know how obsessed with candles we are! (Especially Yankees). As we are in the cold months of winter, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some of my favorite seasonal candles.

1. Yankee Candle Christmas TreatsObviously this HAS to be on the list! The buttery vanilla cookies topped off with sugary delight will put you straight into the christmas mood.

2. Yankee Candle Angel’s Wings Another vanilla inspired candle which is light and subtle.

3.Yankee Candle Christmas Garland – Mixture of fresh pine and juicy cranberries.

4. Yankee Candle Candy Cane Lane – Candy canes are what sum up Christmas, so with this festive candle you will get the cool smells of peppermint mixed with warm cookies.

5.  Yankee Candle Winter Garden – As the other candles are a little more…

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When life gets you down just keep going

You know so many out there are hurting so bad right now God please come into their life show them what you can do for them make things better show that everything will be ok let them see your face let them see what you can do man woman child it does not matter are gay brothers are straight brothers are gay sisters are straight sisters let them all seat what you can do for them lord I praise your name amen and amen


When life gets you down don’t quit doing what you’re doing just keep going keep going life will get better as you go don’t stop making your life don’t stop making your life do what you wanted to do don’t let people stop you from making your life because once you start letting people making the choices for you then that’s when you start going downhill you have to keep going and going for yourself not for nobody else if you got kids yes you got to go for them to to their next generation but if you have no kids and your single like me go on with your life and make something for yourself that’s what I’m trying to do it is hard very hard but if you think deep inside within yourself with inside yourself you can do anything possible anything is possible if you set your…

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