When life gets you down just keep going

When life gets you down don’t quit doing what you’re doing just keep going keep going life will get better as you go don’t stop making your life don’t stop making your life do what you wanted to do don’t let people stop you from making your life because once you start letting people making the choices for you then that’s when you start going downhill you have to keep going and going for yourself not for nobody else if you got kids yes you got to go for them to to their next generation but if you have no kids and your single like me go on with your life and make something for yourself that’s what I’m trying to do it is hard very hard but if you think deep inside within yourself with inside yourself you can do anything possible anything is possible if you set your mind to it even if you have to pray about it everyday if you pray if you got to if that’s what helps you everyday then pray and if you have other ways of helping you find them ways I mean yes you have kids but don’t let your kids hold you back cuz you can work around things to getting things done even with your kids there where there’s a will there’s a way and whether the way there’s a will make that will your life make that will work for you and don’t let it work the other way around. I will keep talking about the subject Karen there I hope you all blog back I hope y’all all post back to me and give me some insight on what you think and if you want you need a study group will make this into a study group bye for now

so how is everyone doing today me I’m doing good you know sometimes everybody needs a little help ever need

someone to talk to I may not be like a professional help her or anything like that but I have good ideas too and it’s something I can do to help you with please leave me a notification quote or whatever and I’ll do my best to research and help you with whatever you need thank you

you know I’m sitting here thinking as many times as peoples been through so much stuff why isn’t why isn’t the government helping the people in these countries that are calling out for help you know people right here in Texas or calling out for help you know people in Oklahoma people and Arizona people all over this world is calling out for help but instead the go to the other countries and help everybody else before they help the people in the United States why you know they talk about United States constantly they talk about the United States not caring I talk about the people that live in the United States don’t care about these other countries do they care about us do they care about what we have done for them pay us back and give us what we have given back to you all in the past far as I’m concerned the United States don’t know these countries anything else anymore this is 2015 ok 2015 people it’s time for the other countries to pay us back you know we’ve been working our asses off work there asses off to make a living for herself but do the other countries look at that note the president that we have had in the past have been good yes the president we have now have messed up I don’t know if he’s going to try to fix itself on all the mistakes and you done don’t know if that’s really what he’s doing but if he’s any kind of President he would sit down and think what we have done for all these other countries I’m sick and tired of hearing the news reading the news that the president has done this the president has done that and its always bad find the good things that he has done to you know and you know work from that if he’s a black man what to do not him that he’s another person just like you and me just like you and me yes he makes mistakes just like everybody else does you make mistakes I make mistakes your kids make mistakes your mom and dad makes mistakes everybody makes mistakes everybody the joy of life is to sit back and relax once in a life quit thinking about everything bad if everybody would everybody in this whole world what setback and think of all the good that has been done life would be nice so sweet it would be just like itsitting on Cloud it be so nice you know folks God is coming back whether you believe that or not whether your Christian or non believer whether you’re a Satanist or whatever God is coming back and if you don’t like it because I say God or Jesus or the Lord on here don’t post to my blog because blogs or where you can say what you want to what you’re feeling what is on your mind right then and there so if you don’t like it don’t post on my blog until next time my friends love all be careful have a good night you know life can have the weirdest moments it can make you happy it can make you sad or I can make you really really mad but when you look at it on the bright side everyone really nothing to be mad happy or sad about it’s all a neutral natural thing when you feel like life is bringing you down so hard stop and look at what just happened or what’s going on see what you can do to fix the situation it could be a good fix or it could be a bad fix in everyone’s mind things work differently when you see someone hurting the first thing to do is going go and help that person with what you’re feeling when your mad everything around you is just not right everything’s going wrong you don’t text nobody you don’t Facebook nobody you don’t you don’t do anything but want to be by yourself when you’re sad you want to be left alone completely no blogging no Facebook no texting no calls nothing but when you’re happy you want all your friends around you want you want everything just perfect that day but then there’s days when you could be the happiest happiest person in the world and none of your friends still want to be around they don’t want to be there for you in your happiest time what do you do I tell you what you do you keep on being happy keep on doing what you’re doing forget about them friends for that one night and have fun for yourself I’ve done this many times oh I got friends that say they’re doing this they’re doing this at this time okay well that’s fine and dandy I’m having fun without you talking with my day and keep going on about my happiness I’m not going to stop having fun just because they’re not one to be there or they can’t be there I’m going to keep going I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing you know life is strange but the only reason why it strange is cuz how we make it how we make life everyday you know I’ve had so many people tell me there’s not a god there’s only two the only bad no good but guess what guess what people there is a God I don’t know if you worship and praise the same God I do but Jesus Christ is the father of my life and he is done the most wonderful thing for me and he just keeps making days and days and days better and better life still gets me down it has its ups and downs but all in the end when we’re gone off this earth and we perish we’re no longer here we got a place waiting for us in heaven and it’s going to be the most beautiful most beautifullest place ever things that we imagine on earth is going to be 10 times wonderful in heaven God sees our faces everyday god knows what we need god knows what we want you may not get it right then and there but in time you’ll get what you want you’ll get what you need keep praying to God every single day and you will see what he can do for you whether you have a Bible that you read daily what do you have a app that says every word from word of the Bible go and read your Bible get something where quotes cool off your your phone screen everyday to get your inspiration god knows. What u need to and to all my followers on here I hope you enjoy everything that I write sometimes in my friends little crazy and sometimes it might be really good sometimes we all have a little stuff to get off her chest but this blog right here is is too get stuff off your mind other blogs that I’ll end up doing hopefully I’ll be a little bit more meaningful to y’all


2 thoughts on “When life gets you down just keep going

  1. One of my readers is so heart broke my darling Grant everything will be ok everything will get better stop crying pick up the broken pieces of glass from your life put them pieces of glass back together use the strongest glue you ever can do I put the pieces back together love is never at a lost you can find another love I know you really really love this one person but baby it is time to move on move on with your life like I said before if its meant to be if that’s the one person you’re meant to be with he will come back but until then you gotta prove to that person there’s you’re not sitting and waiting for them move on you always love that person you always want to be with that person show him that you’ve gotten past it he will start coming back to you but if you don’t show him that you’ve gotten past it he will keep on and keep on doing what he’s doing now everything will go according to plan but you gotta show the first step that you’re not waiting times now days or scary the most scariest in the world but you gotta put it deep down inside you like you been doing everything else but its so far deep inside and move on and when you move on he will come back don’t wait for him cuz the more you keep waiting for him the more more your heart will break do that one thing for me and then get back with me and let me know what happens I love you and always will your rider back JD

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    You know so many out there are hurting so bad right now God please come into their life show them what you can do for them make things better show that everything will be ok let them see your face let them see what you can do man woman child it does not matter are gay brothers are straight brothers are gay sisters are straight sisters let them all seat what you can do for them lord I praise your name amen and amen


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